About JIC Vietnam

Japan Import Company (JIC) was established in 2007 in Japan. After a few years, JIC's products are well received and trusted in the international market thanks to true quality. We merged with Ginansyouji company in 2009. And only 4 years after the establishment, we opened a representative office in Vietnam. Till present, JIC Vietnam has provided great support to the Japanese JIC and has become an integral part of JIC

Our main product is charcoal including white coal, black coal, sawdust coal and bamboo products such as bamboo basket, hat, bamboo chopstick, etc,. JIC also opened one more small branch in China, specialized in producing bamboo charcoal and agricultural products.

The representative office of JIC in Vietnam is located on 6th floor, No 49 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay dist, Hanoi.

JIC has joined the 16th Vietnam International Trade Fair - VIETNAM EXPO 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City from Dec. 5th to Dec. 8th at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) - 799 Nguyen Van Linh St., Tan Phu Ward, Dist. 7, HCMC. We represented as a partner to transfer the technology and quality control of Japanese quintessential charcoal to factories in Vietnam to produce quality white charcoal, black charcoal and sawdust briquette charcoal to import to the Japanese market. In addition, JIC also provides agricultural products such as bamboo rattan products, agricultural tools and fertilizers. Currently, JIC is supplying imported Japanese chicken fertilizer monopoly in Vietnam market.

Ms. Phuong Anh – Purchaser (Wood charcoal)

+84 396611196 - anh@a-jic.com

Ms. Ngoc – Purchaser (Other products)

+84 366725685 * ngoc@a-jic.com

Ms. Ha – Sales (Products imported from Japan)

+84 349708714 * ha@a-jic.com

Ms. Thoa – Sales (Products imported from Japan)

+84 984205424 * thoa.chan@a-jic.com




SBC - Vietnamese barbecue restaurant

Japanese standard 100%
Clean, non-toxic charcoal 90%
No smoke, no smell 80%
Burning time> 3 hours 100%

White charcoal - High-class Japanese and Korean grill restaurant

Japanese standard 100%
Safe, non-toxic barbecue charcoal 96%
Odorless, smokeless 97%
Burning 3-5 hours 100%

Video for testing Japanese technology coal

JIC transfers technology and quality control in each stage of production, input materials, furnace, kilns, cooling until packaging ... We welcome each of the first coal at Therefore, the quality of coal is always subject to strict censorship before being exported or distributed on the domestic market.