“SAWDUST BRIQUETTE CHARCOAL” is charcoal bar of either hexagonal or square cross section with a center hole. Size and shape of charcoal are manufactured to the general requirement of each country. Generally, square charcoal is in great demand in Japan whereas most buyers in Korea generally accept the hexagonal shape.


Briquette, a compressed mass of charcoal or other flammable material, often in regular shape of a pillow, brick or even in bar form of either hexagonal or square shape (the most commonly available form of sawdust briquette charcoal).

The sawdust briquette charcoal is produced without binder/chemical in the binding process, thus eliminating any unpleasant odor during burning. The same had been a popular barbecue charcoal for the last few decades especially in Korea and Japan, indoor barbecue is done almost in all restaurants in Korea today.

The Production Process

  • Wood waste often in form of sawdust is collected from sawmills, sifts and suitably sized waste will be collected as the sole raw material for the production.
  • The wood waste is then going through the drying process either a rotary or jet system incorporated to a hot air generator, fueled by fine wood dust or timber waste.


  • The dry raw material is then channeled to a compressing equipment known as screw extruder or forming machine while it is still in a hot/warm state, to produce the sawdust briquette under a screw pressure of approximately 40 tons through a hot (approx 300~ 350 Deg C) mold. The pressure and the thermal energy force the Lignin (resin) to bind the wood waste under a high pressure to form sawdust briquette with density much higher than the wood origin.
  • The briquette is then bundled ready for carbonization or Charring process. Charring requires 3-5days in the specially designed kiln. Cooling is either within the kiln itself (as for all conventional kiln) or removed for external cooling using cooling chamber/box (for rail-car charring system).
  • The charcoal is then ready for packing according to the grading.



The guideline for the quality of sawdust briquette charcoal can be summarised as follows:

  • Smokeless – the product should burn without any smoke or fume during the initial ignition and during the burning duration.
  • Low Ash Content – minimum residual of ash is allowed, nothing more than 5% of the original weight of the charcoal is acceptable.
  • Higher fixed carbon – unless the charring temperature is high, else the fixed carbon will be low as there are still plentiful of unevaporated substances found in the charcoal.
  • Odorless – well charred charcoal will have minimum evaporative substances within the charcoal, thus eliminating the possibility of odor.
  • Longer burning hours – the charcoal must burn longer compared to any of its counterpart, as a guideline, two times as long compared to the hardwood charcoal.
  • Higher calorific value – the minimum heating value of the charcoal should be 7,500KCal/Kg or better.
  • Low volatile – the volatile content must be low, else the charcoal will burn with long flame and smoke/fume.
  • Chemical/binder free – the charcoal is produced with untreated (chemically) timber waste and void of binder. The charcoal is specially recommended for barbecue purposes, contamination of the food will be unpleasant. Laboratory analysis are usually the responsibilities of the manufacturers.
  • Higher burning temperature – the producer will have to ensure their charcoal is charred at high temperature so the remains (true charcoal) will only burn at higher temperature. Only with higher temperature, the original taste of traditional barbecue will not be lost.
  • Sparkless – the charcoal must not produce spark as their counterpart, the hardwood charcoal during burning. Any spark during barbecue will pose a danger to anyone who are participating in the barbecue function especially those who prefer indoor barbecue.

The unique shape of the sawdust briquette charcoal, shaped bar with a centre hole will allow a thorough charring process. The stringent quality requirement as laid out by most buyers is easily met.

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